Super Sleuth Challenge Answer – Muddy Murder

I love the way Michelle Lim researches these cases. Read the answer then check out yesterday’s post to see the case.

Thoughts On Plot

Photo by bvdwiel Photo by bvdwiel

We have a case of muddy murder! 

Here is what really happened:

A man went hiking while on a camping trip. He was shot twice in the same hole of his hunting vest. At first it looked like a tragic accident, but when the second bullet was discovered it became a homicide investigation.

When his wife came for help she wore hunting coveralls that were muddy up to the knees. Also, camping nearby was her ex-husband who claimed his .308 rifle and ammunition was missing. He said it had been stolen from his camp.

Two men from a nonprofit law enforcement consulting agency were brought in to search for the missing rifle. While studying the case, one of the men realized that the mud on the wife’s clothing might match that of a cattle pond across the road from her camp. That is the direction she would…

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One Response to Super Sleuth Challenge Answer – Muddy Murder

  1. Michelle Lim says:

    Pat, thanks for sharing the story! It is so fun to find these cases. Always makes my writing brain kick into gear.

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